Clearwater location closing today at 4pm until further notice due to Hurricane Ian
Clearwater location closing today at 4pm until further notice due to Hurricane Ian
A Family Affair That Is Carrying On A Tradition Which Began In 1978

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At Queen’s Pizza & Restaurants we have stood the test of time. Since 1978 when Anna proclaimed herself as “Queen” of her kitchen, we have seen many restaurants come and go. These fellow restaurateurs have all believed that in this competitive food service industry their concept is better than the next.

We prefer for our food to speak for itself. Today the family continues to move forward with Anna’s high standards of always giving quality. Our homemade recipes are made fresh daily, using only the finest ingredients with no imitations or preservatives. As our family continues thru the next generation at Queen’s Pizza & Restaurant, we promise to continue with the traditions that have been instilled upon us.

continuing a family tradition

It was the summer of 1978 when Anna and Dimitrios Loukataris made their dreams a reality. Both immigrants of Greece, they came to America in the late 1950’s to capture the opportunities that many others had come to seek at that time. A seamstress and plumber by trade they both worked very hard to raise a family and make ends meet. After several years in Gary, Indiana, and jobs becoming scarce, they decided to migrate to Clearwater, Florida.


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